Spring is here, and that means that spring cleaning is also here! That may not be your idea of fun, but cleaning is its own reward. There’s lots to do, but it can all be easily broken down into a few simple tasks. Once you’re done, you’ll immediately be able to enjoy all the health benefits of a clean house.

If any of these tasks seems too overwhelming, even just by itself, focus on just working on it for only a few minutes. The feeling of accomplishment as you complete the task will motivate you to continue.

One important strategy as you begin to clean is to make sure that you have a designated place where each thing belongs, especially if you have places where certain items tend to pile up regularly. If there’s a lot of mail piled on a table, get a small filing box to organize it nearby. Make sure that jackets, purses, and backpacks have hooks, and shoes have boxes, racks, or pockets near the door.

Next, it’s time to start getting rid of stuff. Clean out your refrigerator first, getting rid of severely expired food, and wiping down the whole interior of the appliance. It may be the most disgusting part of spring cleaning, so better to get it out of the way first. You’ll feel healthier just looking at it, though, once it’s done.

Your dishwasher should be cleaned out similarly, but it will be able to help you with some of the work. Your oven will do the same, but you’ll need to break down burnt food with ammonia, and clean its floor with baking soda and vinegar.

If the refrigerator or any other appliances have stainless steel exteriors, they should be wiped clean with a light application of wax-based aerosols.

While you’re in the kitchen, be sure to wipe down the surfaces of your cabinets. Accumulated cooking grease and dust tend to pile up in the corners of the woodworking. You might even consider using a specialized cabinet cream for this purpose.

Granite countertops should be sealed for waterproofing after they’re installed, and then again after a year in place.

Your windows are next; this is where you really will start to see a difference in how you feel inside your own house. Clean windows allow more light in, and they offer a clearer view outside. You can earn that happiness quotient by spraying a little bit of vinegar solution on the windowpanes before wiping them down.

It’s always fun to shake things up a bit and force yourself to do things differently. Rearranging your furniture will help you to think more creatively as you force your brain to get used to new walking patterns. It also gives you access to clean floor spaces that normally don’t see the light of day.

Those carpets in lower-traffic areas of the home only need deep cleaning a couple of times per year at most, but bedrooms only need that treatment twice every three years. Busy areas should be taken care of twice a year.

You can make a neutral pH bathroom and kitchen tile cleaner out of a water and baking soda mixture. Running the washing machine with baking soda and vinegar can help clean it out so that it can continue to clean your clothes effectively.

Spring is also an ideal moment to switch out old bath towels from last year with newer, brighter-colored ones suitable for summertime. While you’re at it, go through your closet; it’s the perfect time to purge worn-out winter wear while also clearing the dust out of old corners. Take the opportunity to rethink how your closet is organized, as well. You might be able to find a way to use the shelves more efficiently.

The ideal cleaning schedule for your bedding is variable. Some things like pillows and comforters will need washing maybe a couple of times per year, whereas sheets and pillowcases need to be thrown in the wash every couple of weeks. Spring cleaning is a great time to vacuum out the crevices of a mattress, though.

One of the only things left is to take care of any dirty spots on painted walls. This can be done with a sponge and a little bit of water, perhaps with some mild dishwashing liquid if necessary.

Don’t forget to tidy up the bookshelves, arranging the books by subject and size as you prefer.

Finally, your broom itself can be cleaned out by swishing it through a bucket of soapy water, or running the vacuum hose nozzle attachments through it. That should help remove the accumulated dust bunnies and loosen up strands of hair tangled in the bristles.

Spring cleaning may involve a lot of different tasks, but they’re all small and manageable. You can often get away with using only natural chemicals as cleaning agents, and when it’s all done, your house will be resplendently clean again. It’s very much worth the effort!

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