Options and Trends When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home

If you have come to a place in your life where your existing home no longer provides you with the space you require, it may be time to consider either building a new custom home, buying a larger home from those currently available on the market, or contracting for extensive renovations on your existing residence. Regardless of the choice you decide upon, it is likely you will want to find a space that is wholly personal to you and your lifestyle.

Finding an existing home on the market that satisfies your space requirements while fulfilling the concept of a wholly personal space may be difficult. In that event, let’s explore some of the prevailing trends to be found these days in custom home design and renovations.

Open Spaces and Clean Lines

The name of the game these days is go contemporary, which means utilizing open space and cleaner lines throughout your design scheme. We’re not necessarily talking about exteriors as much as we are interior space. Most traditionally popular exterior architectural designs can be tailored for more interior open space usage. This might be best achieved through the elimination of smaller rooms and building fewer hallways, placing a priority on more open floor plans.

Don’t Forget the Formal

A floorplan that allows for more open spaces doesn’t preclude the incorporation of some formal living space such as dining and living rooms set off from the main great room. Nowadays, formal living rooms are often thought of as parlors, a place to get away from entertainment systems to read a good book. Conversely, it might take on the character of a library. While most meals will take place in or near the kitchen, the appeal of a formal dining room remains, especially for holidays or dinner parties.

Kitchens Are Still Where It’s at

If your desire for open spaces naturally gravitates to a “great room” design concept you’ll likely find a spacious and fully functional kitchen, complete with adequate seating, adjacent to it. In this scenario the kitchen is essential to your custom home or renovation. Current trends lean towards cabinets made from lighter-hued natural woods such as maple or beech, and counter tops fashioned from stone. Appliance trends these days are leaning towards finishes of black or white glass.

What You Put on Your Floors

When it comes to flooring options interior designers these days are recommending engineered woods in gray, white or washed wood finishes, as well as more traditional options such as porcelain tiles and stone floors — as long as they remain light in color. The trend is in staying clear of the extremely dark, hand-scraped look and giving preference to lighter, natural selections.

Interior Design Elements Count

When it comes to interior design there is always an opportunity for creative expression that borders on risk. The use of metal and glass combined with intricate woods and bold wallpaper can invigorate the personalization of your home as little else can. If your custom home or renovation includes a second story or loft accessed by stairs, a staircase can be the perfect way to make a statement your guests will long remember. Bathrooms are ideal for innovation in creative design. Whether it is a master bath complete with all the modern accoutrements or a uncluttered powder bath that is elegant in its simplicity, it goes a long way in adding style points to the overall feel of the home.

A Television in Every Room

TVs, sound systems, computers, video games seem to pervade every single room in the house. But it doesn’t have to be that way. How about providing for a large media and theatre room in your home or renovation design? Believe me your family and/or guests will surely thank you!

It’s Just Right Outside

Are you ready to quit thinking of your backyard as a place to grow and cut grass? If so, this is the perfect time to incorporate your vision for the interior aesthetics of your new home into the great outdoors. This can be accomplished as easily as building a network of multi-leveled decks that house amenities as simple as a barbecue pit and pizza oven made of natural stone, to something as complex as a outdoor kitchen and bar area. Add an inground pool and jacuzzi and a terraced garden of trees, plants, flowers and shrubs comprised of naturally grown varieties, and you just may be spending more of your time outdoors than indoors.

Now that your dream home is taking shape in your mind all that remains is to confer with your mortgage lender and put a figure on your new, wholly personal space. Then you can consult with a custom home builder or renovation specialist so you can make your dream home a living reality.

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