A home is so much more than just the structure. A home is your personal expression of who you and your family are. To make a house a home, it needs your personality to shine through. Here are some ways that you can use to not only express yourself, but to do so with style!


Chances are when you walk into your new home, the walls will be beige or someone else’s choice of color. While beige is a great neutral, a sure way to make this house yours is to paint! Choose colors that reflect not only your personality but also compliment the furniture and accessories that are in the room. Choose warm or cool colors to enhance any area. Warm colors are orange, red, and yellow as well as any combinations of these. Cool colors are colors like blue, green and light purple. Each of these colors creates a ‘personality’ for the room. The warm colors help large rooms seem cozier, and the cool colors make small rooms look larger and are more soothing. Use these color properties to help create a statement about your home.


Are you modern or traditional? Comfortable or utilitarian? Furniture tells a lot about a person’s personality and taste. When you walk into a home, the way it is furnished is one of the first things you notice. Clean modern lines or big oversized sofa and chairs? Choosing which style you and your family are more comfortable with says a lot about how you choose to live. Make sure when looking for and purchasing furniture, you have a good idea about the size of the space it is going to fit into. Furniture can look smaller in a big warehouse space than it will in your home. A measuring tape and a copy of your floorplan with dimensions should go along on the furniture hunt with you. They will save you a lot of time and keep you from a furniture disaster!


Pictures and artwork can also tell a story about who you are. Instead of purchasing off the shelf artwork, think outside the box. That trip to the beach you went on? Create a shadowbox with some of the trinkets and shells that you brought back from the trip. Any trip will do, even Disneyland! Showing what your family values and likes to do is so much more meaningful than an accessory that has been picked off a shelf. Likewise, your children’s drawings or your own artwork, beautifully framed, would be a welcome addition to the walls of your home. Creating your own artwork is much more creative and distinctive than factory artwork.

Family Pictures

Nothing tells the story of a family more than family pictures. Creating a picture story of your family near the front entrance or on the wall of the stairway of your home is a wonderful way to use this space! One way to do this is to make copies of your pictures in black and white, and frame them in the same color frames. This makes it look like a cohesive piece of art while displaying cherished family memories. Another option is to group photos by age; for example, first montage is your wedding photos, the next montage the children when they were young, etc. In this way, you can tell your family’s story throughout the house, making it an enjoyable conversation piece for guests as well as letting your family’s personality shine through!


Accessories play a large part in making a house a home. They can give even a new home a lived-in feel. Arranging area rugs and runners over flooring, even over carpet, gives a nice layered look that allows for pops of color and can frame a living space. A nice example of that would be a couple of area rugs in a larger room to delineate between the dining room area and the family room area. If the master bedroom is large, consider an area rug to define sitting space. Other accessories can help a room feel homier as well, such as family heirlooms like quilts or other crafted items. Souvenirs picked up from your travels, such as pillows, vases, or other kitschy items that are meaningful to the family are great accessory choices showing your individuality.


The mood of your home can be felt the moment you walk in. Is it cold and sterile, or homey and lived in? There are several ways you can make the home inviting from the moment someone enters. First, set the mood with lighting. Soft, inviting lighting makes the house feel more like a home. Add various light fixtures throughout the rooms even if you have overhead lighting. Consider putting in dimmer switches if you don’t have them already. In the kitchen and bathrooms, under counter lighting can add ambience and softness to the rooms. Also, consider scented candles or essential oil diffusers to add a fresh, inviting smells to the home. Finally, plants add not only oxygen rich air to the home, they bring the outdoors in, giving rooms a nice, comfortable feeling. Fresh flowers in the entry or kitchen not only bring wonderful aromas into the area, they immediately brighten up any room.

Buying a new home is a wonderful experience, and making it into your very own can be accomplished with these easy to follow suggestions. If you don’t have a home to makeover yet, please feel free to contact us to help you with your home buying needs.

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