The air turning colder may be turning your thoughts to the upcoming holiday season. Christmas will soon be on the horizon and people will be out putting up outdoor decorations. Maybe the thought of decorating has intimidated you, but you’ve always wanted to turn your yard into something beautiful to showcase the season. If you’re going to do it, why not go all out with some unique ideas that your neighbors haven’t thought of?

Christmas Light Balls

You can create some beautiful balls of light across your lawn. This creates a great effect, especially if you create balls of light that are of different sizes and colors. It will look like you have beautiful Christmas tree ornaments across your lawn. All this involves is wrapping lights around balls made of chicken wire.

What You’ll Need:

  • Chicken wire
  • Strings of LED mini lights in whatever colors you like
  • Wire cutters

Animated Tree of Light

A tree made entirely out of lights can be a really beautiful addition to your Christmas display. This is a great decoration to use as a focal point of the yard. The basketball pole will serve as the top of your tree and where you can place your attention-grabbing tree topper. In order to add in animation to your tree, if you so choose, you can alternate twinkling bulbs and regular bulbs to produce this effect.

What You’ll Need:

  • Basketball Pole
  • Gutter Hooks
  • A Tree Topper
  • C7 light strings
  • Light Stakes

Outdoor Christmas Tree

If you already have evergreen trees in your yard, this presents a great opportunity to build outdoor Christmas trees. This will brighten up your whole yard and also serve as a great focal point. String mini lights through the tree, making sure to put them on the interior branches as well. You can also add ornaments, which will reflect the light nicely.

What You’ll Need:

  • Evergreen Trees already in your yard for a true Christmas tree effect.
  • Mini lights in your chosen color or colors
  • Other ornaments

Topiary Animals

Lighted animals are wonderful to add to your Christmas decorations. Placing them near bushes or trees are a great idea. Deer are a good choice because then you can arrange them as if they are pulling Santa’s sleigh. They are available in different colors, heights and poses, so you can pick what works the best for your home.

What You’ll Need:

  • Animals of your choice, deer work great.

Christmas Messages Written in Lights

Spelling out holiday greetings can be fun for your neighbors to read as they pass by. You can use “Merry Christmas” or whatever you decide is best. You can make the letters as large as you want. It’s a good idea to use black out caps to show spacing between the letters. To make the words stand out, use a different color than the rest of your decorations.

What You’ll Need:

  • Mini lights
  • Black out caps

Animated Motifs

There are many animated motifs you can choose from. Pick what you like best and what you think will look best in your yard.
Outline Driveway with Pathway Lights, Starlight Stakes or Walkway Trees. These are a great way to light up your driveway and pathway to your front door.

What You’ll Need For Pathway Lights:

  • Areas that get a lot of snow will need the 15 inch stakes and areas without snow will need the 4.5 inch stakes.
  • A Pathway Light kit makes it easy. Choose between LED incandescent bulbs and then between clear or multicolored lights. The kits come with stakes, C7 and C9 bulbs and stringers.

What You’ll Need for Starlight Stakes:

  • Adjustable stakes are available to make these the best height for you. Choose between incandescent or LED lights. Then you just need to pick your color!

What You’ll Need for Walkway Trees:

  • Pick trees with colors complimentary to the other lights in your yard.

Decorate Those Gates and Fences with Motifs, Garland or Icicle Lights

These decorations can add beauty to your gates and fences.

What You’ll Need-One or more of the following:

  • Snowflake or Star Motifs. These are bright and draw attention to your yard. In addition to putting them on fences, you could also hang them in trees or mount them to your house itself.
  • Pre-lit garland works wonders in decorating fences with the Christmas spirit. The longer garland works best because you can allow it to drape down between the posts, which produces a better effect. You can add ribbon or other decorations to tie it together with the rest of your yard.
  • Icicle lights are a beautiful addition to fences to add a glittering border to your property.

Don’t Forget the Other Trees and Bushes

What You’ll Need-One or more of the following:

  • Strings of LED lights to wrap around tree branches. Start with wrapping the trunk of the tree up to the limbs and then wrap the majority of the branches to create a beautiful look.
  • Net lights for bushes. Net lights are a quick and easy way of decorating your bushes and shrubs.
  • Moravian stars or snowflakes add a great look of falling snow and the night sky.
  • Use grand cascade lights for an even better effect of falling snow and shooting stars. You can hang these from tree branches or along the roof.

Add Variety to Your Lights

  • Twinkle Lights will add animation to your Christmas decorations and are available in either LED or incandescent bulbs.
  • Color Change Lights also add a great effect of motion when you use them in decorating your yard for Christmas.

Hopefully these ideas sparked your creativity for the upcoming Christmas season! Happy decorating!

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