It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday season with shopping and visiting with friends and family. Sometimes, we neglect thinking about the things that we should be thankful for this holiday season. It’s a good idea to count your blessings this holiday season to put your life into perspective for the coming year. It’s easy to go into your new year’s resolutions without thinking about what you already have in your life. But, this year, take a moment to reflect on your life as it is now. You may surprise yourself with the number of blessings you have in your life.

Your Health

It’s easy to forget to think about your health as a blessing if you’re in relatively good health. Even people that must take a maintenance medication for a condition that’s under control has the blessing of good health. Consider all the people that aren’t sure why they feel sick all the time or are going through a tough battle with cancer or other serious illness. Being able to wake up every morning is always a blessing, even if it doesn’t feel like it because of a health condition.

Your Family and Friends

Your family and friends are a true blessing. Not everyone has a stable group of people that they can count on for help in life. You can probably think of a few people that are part of your family or friend group that you don’t really consider a blessing. They are probably the person that you couldn’t count on to help when you’re in trouble or need assistance. We all have people like that, but rather than think about them, think on those that do have your back. People that have your back, even if they number a handful, are a huge blessing to have in your life and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Let them know that you’re blessed to have them in your life this holiday season.

Your Home

Your home is a blessing. You may be thinking, well you don’t know my home, but that’s beside the point. Your home may need some upgrades, or your mortgage may be a monthly struggle, but you have a home. You have a roof over your head and the security of knowing that you have some place to go to lay your head every night. There’s a kitchen where you can cook whatever meal you want and a bathroom where you can clean up at any time. This is more than many people have in their life and is a true blessing. You can always strive to do something about fixing the leaky roof or getting your mortgage refinanced, but your home is there for you.

Your Job

Your job could be the most overwhelming, most under-appreciated job in the world, but it’s a job. A job in this economy is a blessing. The economy has been improving over what it was in the recent past, but there are still some areas where the economy is sluggishly improving. There are many people that would like to work and can’t find a job. A steady paycheck is a great thing to have as it makes life so much easier. If your job happens to be in your desired field, that’s an extra blessing bonus.

Your Passions

No matter what your passion is, there’s a good chance that being able to follow it is a blessing in your life. If you happen to get paid to do it as previously noted, even better. People that love animals are blessed by having cats, dogs, horses, pocket pets or other animals in their life. Volunteering at your local animal shelter can be a blessing for you in that you’re getting to do something you’re passionate about, but it’s also helping others. You may be passionate about doing crafts or reading, and you’re blessed by it because it helps to relieve your stress or gives you an opportunity to make money.

You may have picked up that you can turn your passions into blessings for yourself that are also blessings for others. As you’ve been blessed in so many ways already, the holiday season is the perfect time of year to start trying to find ways to spread the blessings around. If you don’t already volunteer somewhere, give it a try. If your friend that always has your back needs a little help this holiday season, step up and help them.

That’s a powerful list of things in life to be thankful for, and the blessings that you counted should help you move forward into the new year. There’s nothing saying that you must be completely content with the blessings in your life. We’re always striving to create even more beautiful things. Go after what you want while remaining mindful of what you already have earned.

Here at Union Home Mortgage, we are thankful for the opportunity to serve our community. We exist for the sole purpose of helping good people get home. What could ever be better than that?

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