Everyone thinks about spring cleaning. There are plenty of topical articles that can be found online that talk about how you go about clearing out your home after a long winter cooped up, and to be honest, that’s a great time to get cleaning. Fall signals the end of summer and the slow turn towards that period of time when your family is going to be cooped up again. Your summer was probably busy with plenty of outdoor activities, and now, school’s in full swing. Cleaning can often fall by the wayside, so it’s the perfect time to personalize a cleanup checklist that lets you get your home back to order just in time for winter.

Method to the Madness

You may note that this isn’t your typical cleaning checklist in the way that it’s been set up, but there’s a method to this madness. It has three main categories that help encompass what each person feels is the right level of clean for them and the amount of time that they have available around all their other daily tasks. If you’re only looking to get down and dirty with just the bare minimum, that’s okay. If you want to be so through Mary Poppins would be pleased, that’s okay, too.


The basics help a person get ready for the upcoming season with general tasks that just about everyone will need to handle from things that might be on your weekly to-do list like vacuuming to more seasonal tasks like scrubbing the walls. The difference between these fall basic tasks and those that are on your weekly to-do list is how deep you go with the cleaning. Rather than just vacuuming around the room, move your furniture to get to places that haven’t seen the light of day in a while, but have gathered quite a bit of dust and debris.

Deep Cleaning

The deep cleaning section is meant to go a step further with your deep cleaning efforts, and clean those areas around the home that often get overlooked. The last time you pulled out your appliances was probably when something went wrong with them, and you noticed that accumulated mess that you were completely oblivious to previously. These bonus areas can probably be safely ignored, and still feel as though you’re house is at a new level of clean ready for the coming colder seasons, but it’s nice to get them tackled if you’re so inclined.

Seasonal Traditions

The last section is meant to tackle those tasks that are typically fall related, such as cleaning the gutters. Any homeowner that doesn’t tackle their gutters before winter arrives could end up with a mess. The leaves built up over the fall, and can clog the gutters, which leads to water getting trapped in the gutters. When the temperatures drop below freezing, the water freezes causing icicles which can make it heavy enough for the gutter to fall down if it’s not tightly secured. This can be a huge nightmare for any homeowner or even renter. If some of these more traditional tasks aren’t your particular cup of tea, you can always evaluate the situation and get a professional to assist with them.


The beauty about this fall cleanup checklist is that it’s completely personalizable. You can remove those tasks that you know that you’d never get to in a million years or can’t get to, such as not having a garage on the property. You can also add in tasks that you find essential to you and your family’s health and wellbeing. For instance, families with kids may want to add tasks related to all the accouterments that come from having kids. Your seasonal clean up is a great time to go through toys. You can wash the stuff animals. You can put the plastic toys, like Lego bricks, into either a bleach/water solution or throw them in a lingerie bag in the washing machine to help disinfect them. This can also be a great time to eliminate broken toys, toys that are never played with, and toys that have been outgrown. Donate to charity or put away until they get bored with the toys they have in their room, and then pull them out on a rainy day. You can always tell your kids that it’s in preparation for when Santa is on his way to make room for new and fun things.

Fall is obviously here. The leaves have started to change colors. Pumpkin spice is available in every possible product. And it’s time to bust out this indoor fall cleanup checklist to get your home in tip-top shape before autumn is just a memory and winter is bearing down on you. Once you’re in your home with your loved ones during the short days, you’ll appreciate having a clean home to be stuck in.

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